Greater Than Distribution Secures Worldwide Deal with Virgin Music and Welcomes Grammy Award-Winning Producer Randy Jackson As Partner

Feb 27, 2024

Music distribution company, Greater Than Distribution, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking worldwide partnership with Virgin Music. Adding to the alliance, Greater Than Distribution proudly welcomes Grammy Award-winning producer Randy Jackson as a partner, alongside pioneering A&R executive and creator Paula Moore.

With a strong commitment to artist development, Greater Than Distribution aims to revolutionize the industry through its unique offering of specialized services for independent artists. The company’s flagship initiative, the AI-driven Designer Distribution Boutique, harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to provide artists with tailored support and exceptional resources.

“Over the past decade, the music industry has undergone significant evolution, offering an abundance of artists and genres to explore. However, breaking through the crowd has become increasingly challenging for artists. With Virgin, we have found a partner to help us expand our reach globally,” remarked Jackson and Moore. “I’m excited to join Paula and Greater Than Distribution as we redefine artist development, equipping them with the necessary tools for success in today’s competitive landscape,” added Jackson.

The partnership between Greater Than Distribution and Virgin Music, coupled with Randy Jackson’s inclusion as a partner, cements the company’s status as a trailblazer in the music industry. This collaboration promises to unlock unparalleled opportunities for artists and establish new benchmarks for artist development and distribution.

“Randy and Paula have an innovative approach to the modern music industry and are looking to grow artists in new and innovative ways,” said JT Myers, Co-CEO of Virgin Music Group.  “Through our partnership, we will leverage our global team, services, and technology to help their artists reach and engage new audiences around the world.” 

About Greater Than Distribution:

Greater Than Distribution is the Gucci® of music distribution. Led by pioneering A&R executive and creator Paula Moore and music industry legend Randy Jackson in a worldwide partnership with Universal Music Group’s Virgin Music Group. With a focus on artist development, the premier music distribution company is driving cultural innovation and reshaping the industry through its dedication to independent artists. The A&R-driven company offers an ecosystem of specialized services and benefits that are unmatched in the industry to meet artists’ needs. This includes the revolutionary AI-driven Designer Distribution Boutique and the industry-first A&R Scout and Marketing Launchpad®. At Greater Than Distribution, empowering artists and helping them thrive in their careers is the top priority.

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